22 May 2008

Russian Speaking Cat

16 Oct 2007

SPEAKADO - Awesome Russian Phrases

www.speakado.com Their Russian phrases are HILARIOUS and totally on the money, none of that politically correct bullshit.

28 Jun 2007

Another Russian Cartoon "Latex"

10 Jun 2007

Ukrainian in Moscow

An absolutely ingenious parody on Sting's "Englishman in NY" song. The lyrics are about a Ukrainian guest worker (In Russia a German word gastarbeiter is typically used) feeling alienated by the realities of Moscow's life.

26 Apr 2007

Russian remedy for migraines

20 Feb 2007

People traffic jam in Moscow's Subway

Although Moscow's Subway is by far the most beautifully decorated and crafted underground transportation system in the world, but the city itself is getting really overpopulated - 12+ million people, no freeways or autobahns. As a result, sometimes the mass transportation gets overextended and this happens.

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18 Feb 2007

who's mr. putin's successor? here's the answer

By Aleksei Vishnya (Cherry), a composer internet dissident who uses internet to spread his message via his project called PolitTechno which samples the cuts of Russian politicians’ over techno into some odd and often hollarious mishmashes.

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23 Jan 2007

Close call

Here's a chance to learn some selected Russian profanity. However, this guy's reaction was more than adequate as it was a VERY close call after all.

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22 Jan 2007

Punk is not dead.

Punk is not dead, it just moved to Siberia. These guys used to call themselved Оргазм Нострадамуса (Orgasm of Nostradamus) and played some true punk rock in the best traditions of Sex Pistols. Unfortunately two members of the band died a few years back :(. One was poisoned while on tour in Moscow and another one dies a year later choking on vomitus in his sleep. RIP :(

10 Dec 2006

Bathtub-ing , traditional Russian slalom sport

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